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Frequently Asked Questions


  If the FAQ is checked, this specific information is supplied in your " E" Quote

Types of Warranties

Bumper to Bumper (Exclusionary):  These types of plans just state specifically "what is not covered". This is the broadest and simplest coverage to purchase. As many vehicle makers have different names for parts, you need not find the exact nomenclature. If the part in question is not listed in "what's not covered" there are no grey areas. This plan is always available for vehicle currently in warranty. At Auto Advantage Inc. we also offer this plan for vehicles out of warranty, meeting certain criteria. When we provide your quote, we offer the highest level of coverage available for your vehicle. Component: These types of warranties specifically mention "what is covered". The service agreement lists all covered parts. This plan generally is available for most used vehicles. When we send you your quote, exact coverage are defined.

Transferability: This means you can transfer the warranty, when you sell your vehicle to a private party. This greatly enhances the price you can sell your vehicle for, as well as generating many more potential buyers than a vehicle without a warranty. All our plans can be transferred

A.M. Best Rating: This company gauges the financial health of a insurance company. They are a good independent source to find out about a specific insurer. You can visit their website at Administrator: Handles all your warranty claims on your extended warranty.

Underwriter: This is the insurance company that provides financial backing of your warranty. If any financial crisis develops they have a contractual obligation to pay any and all claims. All our warranties are backed by the highest rated insurers in the industry, to provide you with long term financial security.

Deductible: This is the portion of repair that you are responsible for. Generally most warranties have a $50 deductible, which means you pay the first $50 of the repair. Deductibles can be per visit or per repair. You want a plan that's per visit, so if more than one item is repaired, the deductible stays the same. At Auto Advantage Inc. all are plans are per visit.

Policy Length: The time and mileage of your selected warranty is offered in three ways. Some plans start from zero mileage and from the first day the vehicle is new (wsd). Other plans offer additional time and mileage. Which means it is additional to the mileage on your vehicle and starts when you buy the warranty. A third type of plan offers additional time from when you purchase the warranty and up to a selected mileage which starts from zero. We always let you know which type of plan in our "E" quote.

"E" Quote: a comprehensive custom extended warranty quote

WSD: This is when a vehicle was first palced in service, as a new vehicle. WSD stands for warranty start date. To find your exact warranty start date you can call the vehicle manufacturer, just have the vehicle identification number ready.

VIN: This stands for Vehicle Identification Number. This serial number is assigned to every car when new. This is 17 characters long and contains a combination of letters and numbers. There is never a letter I or O. If you VIN contains I or O, it is the number one and zero.